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  • The Evgenia Dyagileva brand provides you a lifelong guarantee for the bought jewelry.
  • The guarantee includes repair of a product at the expense of the company if marriage came to light because of the producer, and at the expense of the buyer if marriage because of the client. You at any time can address us if there were questions on the acquired product.
  • We provide you free service of professional care of your ornament once a year. The service includes cleaning, polish of a product and prevention of a condition of a clip of stones in a product.
  • On each product of our brand the certificate of authenticity is provided.
  • Any pleasant ornament you can look, try on and decide free of charge on the choice on the personal presentation with our representative in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.


If you want to order from us jewel of the dream, please, address our specialist, having filled the Contacts form. Further:

  • Our specialist will contact you for discussion of details of your individual order.
  • The designer within 5 days will develop to you several versions of the sketch.
  • After that our specialist will coordinate with you the pleasant option of your future ornament. It will also help you to decide on the sizes, flowers of inserts and other details of the order.
  • Within two days we will tell you the cost of ornament and also time necessary on its production. Time of production of the order depends on complexity of work.
  • After making advance payment of 30% of product cost, our master jewelers will work on your order.
  • After payment of the remained order value your ornament will it is sent. Delivery is carried out personally in hands to the client by the specialized delivery service.