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From a decline till the dawn … Everything, without exception, miracles of water elements worked well were sealed to the designer Evgenia Dyagileva in the Nature's Miracle collection.

Color of water in each corner of the world is unique, and at each light of day it special and unique as the sun which is reflected in it. Oceans and the seas tell us the stories in colors of stones in collection products. The Arctic glaciers with their thawing made on beauty - were embodied in a ring and a necklace from white pearls. Dawn in the hot country with the bright yellow sun in tropics - in earrings and a ring with citrine. Waves in French riviera and a classical glass of champagne is a blue topaz. On coast of the Indian Ocean reminds citrine of a decline - a ring and earrings. 
Mood of cruise carelessness, ease, meeting with the nature and its immense water open spaces in light clothes, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. The designer as if collected multi-colored drops of water for the products worldwide. These drops were spilled on the luxury yacht, some in the morning, and some almost at night.

Jewelry is created for summer cloudless days to soften the expressed sexuality with tenderness.
The collection is filled with ease and summer romanticism as though wants to whisper on an ear to the friend - "I am a woman", and the rest will wait today. 

Collection materials: white gold, diamonds, topaz, amethyst, citrine.