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  1. Ring-1503213856
    Ring-1503213856 RINGS

    Product weight: 10.09 g.


    Sapphire 0.680ct

  2. Ring-1603013865
    Ring-1603013865 RINGS

    Product weight: 12.69 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.840ct

  3. Ring-1303013838
    Ring-1303013838 RINGS

    Product weight: 11.97 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.380ct

  4. Ring-1303013859
    Ring-1303013859 RINGS

    Product weight: 9.38 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.570ct

    Moissanite 0.460ct

  5. Ring-1303013858
    Ring-1303013858 RINGS

    Product weight: 11.39 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 1.000ct

  6. Ring-1307813926
    Ring-1307813926 RINGS

    Product weight: 9.92 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.420ct

    Topaz 3.430ct

  7. Earrings-2303013373
    Earrings-2303013373 EARRINGS

    Product weight: 9.78 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.97ct

    Moissanite 2.500ct

  8. Necklace-830300691
    Necklace-830300691 NECKLACES

    Product weight: 9.16 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.270ct

  9. Necklace-830780699
    Necklace-830780699 NECKLACES

    Product weight: 10.29 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 0.290ct

    Topaz 2.570ct

  10. Bracelet-730301070
    Bracelet-730301070 BRACELETS

    Product weight: 11.47 g.


    Diamond F/VVS2 6.680ct

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The collection is created only for women of the megalopolis. Women who often move during the day. Kind of the style of her dress did not change, jewelry will approach any style, will become a second skin for the hostess. It will not want to leave them. Working in the business center of Moscow, the heroine of a collection is eager for beauty within limited time. It has no time for hours to try on jewelry, but its universal products always with it and will always give out in it to become to chic even if on her desktop a set of contracts and documents. It looks elegantly, but it not to buy temptation to try on disputable trends of a season. Shopping for it - a way to express the status, but not a way to muffle melancholy. The rigidity and commitment of the heroine are softened with streamline shapes of products. The whole world adapts on its interests, and even jewelry. Intentions to its stronghold, as diamonds in the center of jewelry.

Materials: gold, diamonds, mussonites